SLUSH II Update!

Hey my loves! 

Since a lot of you have been enquiring so here goes. 

Sometime around February I shared on IG INSTASTORY that SLUSH II would be launching this month.  Unfortunately, due to issues out of my control, the launch has been reluctantly postponed. As an indie brand, sometimes one can never be too prepared especially considering your resources in comparison. 

I will keep you guys posted once I have a definitive date. I also have some exciting SLUSH II giveaways in store for you. 

Thank you all for your patience, understanding and continued support. I appreciate it all so much.


Love, Michelle 🥰

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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) UPDATE!



Are the matt shades in slushie 2 different from the ones in slush 1.

Alysha Shepherd

Hi there, I just writing to say I’m a huge fan of you products, especially the looks you can create with the slush palettes. I was wondering if you have any stickers, posters or post cards, just something I could treasure as a fan of your company Thank you

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